Saturday, August 03, 2002

Okay, once again. Ihavent' written in a while... Ihave new blogs... check 'em out!

Thursday, July 18, 2002

I haven't written in a while, I know. Sometimes the novelty of recording your thoughts wears off. Anyway, I think sometimes of how young I am and how much life I have left to life and how hard life is, you know. I realize that sometimes, I really don't want to go on with life. I mean, I used to. I don't feel that way anymore. I have a purpose now. There's someone in my life that makes me so happy. It used to be that I couldn't imagine life. You know, I couldn't imagine doing it all. Now I can't imagine *not* doing it all. I can't imagine not living to be like 70-80 years old with the man I love right by my side. I know... I'm corny. I'm mushy. Ha!

Saturday, July 06, 2002

I'm going to Home Works tomorrow, ( for more info).It'll be a great week. I'll tell you all about it when I get back. Yea, I'm pretty excited. It should be something to keep my mind off of Chris. I miss him so much!!!! Do you know that we had been going out for only over a month when he left. I mean, we couldn't start dating until May 25th, but we were really intimate (meaning close, not... yea) in the months leading up to that date. That date holds such significance for us now. We looked forward to that date for so long! But, since we had only been dating for one month, when he comes back for Thanksgiving, we'll have been dating for 6 months (and 2 days, actually). But he'll have been in CT for 5 months. Serious bummer, isn't it. I try not to dwell on it...
I got a card from Chris in the mail today. It said:

My Dearest Mary:

I love you so so much. I don’t have
much time. Please call my parents
and tell them that I am doing
well. I really miss you.


Reading it, it’s quite evident that he doesn’t have much time at all. (Though, the ever present date is still in the upper right hand corner. Ahh, how consistent :-D ) The note is written in a hurried scrawl. And he only signed his last name. Quite messily, too. Chris has such neat handwriting usually. I realize that he doesn’t have time to read all the mail that I send him. He probably won’t ever get time. His schedule is full from 5 in the morning to 10 at night. Most of that is Activities/Training. So, I figure I’m going to stop sending him so many letters. At the very least, send much shorter letters.

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

I'm home from Connecticut... Unfortunatly... I'll tell you about the trip. Friday, Chris picks me up and we drive to VA with his fam. Chris had to sleep on this AWFUL cot. I thought it was gonna fold in half. :-P Next morning we drove to Anapolis to Matt's apartment. We went to St. Mary's for church. It was beautiful! You have got to go see it some time. Well after mass, we went to the Naval Academy and stuff and we had some sea food for dinner. It was superbly delish. Went back to Matt's apt. Matt slept in his room. His parents slept in Paul's room. I slept on the inflatable bed and Chris slept on the couch, both in the living room. Chris said he wanted to come over and kiss me but his bro's room was open. I woke up before Chris and I went over and kissed him. Nice way to wake up. We drove to CT. We hung out around New London and Groton. We went to the submarine museam. Nothing to facinating. Me and chris were pretty clingy that day. I wasn't looking forward to the next morning. That night, Chris and Matt spent the night in one queen, Mr. and Mrs. Pelar in the other. I got a cot, rather nice. Much nicer than the one Chris had to sleep in. It was funny, Chris and Matt were like hitting each other, not in a mean way. They tease each other a lot. Ahh, brotherly love. Its funny seeing them wrestle. The next morning we got up at five. We had to drop Chris off at seven. His platoon is X-Ray 1. The very first one. So they left first. It was sad. We didn't see him again until 5:30 p.m. For five minutes. We took a bunch of picutes. I didn't want to let him go, but when the Platoon commanders called the swabs, the swabs had to go.
Its different. I don't get to talk to him or email him. Not until late august. He's so.... grown up. Its different. I miss him so much... You have no idea. He's not a kid anymore. He's in the military. He doesn't really come home anymore. He comes home for holiday visits. Thats it. When he graduates, he goes onto fleet. Its just a harsh reality that hits me and I'm having trouble facing.

Well, I have to go. Mom wants online.
ttyl my peeps

Friday, June 28, 2002

It is currently 1222. I've got five more hours..... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh
FREAKING A! Maybe he will come over early! I hope so. We can hang out and go out and get ice cream :-)
Can you see my comment box? Tell me you can see the link. Scroll all the way down and click add a comment if you can see it! I think I'm gonna add flooble......
Hey to my awesome-osa Gru-V friend Ally! I hope you've checked this out, GurLie!
whazzup my homie dawgs.... I'm just kidding...... Guess what I'm doing today? I'm going to CONNECTICUT! Ha! I'm going with Chris and his family for his Coast Gaurd Academy Induction ceremony. So, then I won't see him until thanx giving :`( Ohs wells. Let me tell you my weekend plans. Hehee

Okay, Chris is picking me up this after noon at about 1700 - 1730. Tonite, we drive until about 2200 - 2300. We stay where ever for the night. We wake up and drive to Annapolis, Maryland. Thats where the Naval Academy is and Matt, Chris's brother. We stay in Annapolis that day and spend the night in Matt's apartment. Then on Sunday morning, we drive to New London, Connecticut. I don't know what we're doing all day. Monday morning, Christopher has to report. Then his induction ceremony. We leave Monday evening think. Drive to Annapolis, I think that we maybe spend the night there, not sure. Either way, I get home Tuesday Afternoon.

Sounds like fun!....
Welll, g2g

Thursday, June 27, 2002

you-can't-read-this-yet-because-I-can't-publish-even-though-I-shoulda-been-able-to-about-45-minutes-ago-blog-is-being-a-jerk-and-I-have-nothing-to-do-because-I-am-a-loser. (Deep breath)
Lets sing.....

Ohh I know a good song...

Mom and Dad they quite don't
understand it
All the kids they laugh as if they planned it
Why do the girls want to pierce their nose
And walk around in torn pantyhose
oh yeah

I like the ones who say they listen
to the punk rock
I like the kids who fight against how
they were brought up
They hate the trends and think it's
fucked to care
Its cool when they piss people off with
what they wear, oh yeah

So give me one good reason
Why we need to be like them
KIitds will have fun and offend
They don't want to and don't fit in

Hate the jocks, the preps, the
hippie-fuckin' scumbags
Heavy-metalers with their awful
pussy hair bands
Counting seconds until we can get away
Ditchin' school almost every single day,
oh yeah

So give me one good reason
Why we need to be like them
Kids will have fun and offend
They don't want to and don't fit in

just messing around withhtml!

Little Freddie Fishie

Swimming in the Sea

Living in the Palm Trees

In the State of HAWAII
all the ladies out there... how can we show men just how DIFFICULT packing is! Let me try and explain this.... See, you might want to wear this shirt this day, but you also might want to wear this other shirt instead. And if you wear the first shirt well you have to match the belt and when you do that you have to match the belt to the shoes and other accessories. And maybe the first shirt looks good with your new black bubblegum pants, and the second shirt totally doesn't! And with the black bubblegum pants you are sooo not wearing a brown belt or shoes. I think a chain belt maybe. Also, what shoes you wear can determine what color and type socks you wear. *Sigh* Do you see why this is such a challenge???

I am going up to Conneticut with my boyfriend and his family. He is going to the Coast Gaurd Academy and his induction ceremony thingy is on Monday. I cannot believe dad said I could go! Anyway, I'm packing for that right now and... well ... c'est tres difficile!!!
Okay, well seeing as the pink in "princess" didn't turn out so hot for the last post, I think I'll keep it to plain, simple, yet sophisticated black.
Okay, my verrry first post at The Princess and the Pea. I am the Princess (duh). All the little annoyances in my life are peas. ... Well now that I'm done stating the obvious... again... lets see what I can tell you about my life... Just some stats:
Name: Mary Veronica Heusr
Age: 17
Birth date: December 12, 1984
Occupation: I cook and I clean for my family... all because I'm a nice person. No real job yet
Boyfriend: Yes,. Chris Pelar I <3 U
Location: Greenville, SC
Favorite color: Red
Looks: skinny, dark dark dark-almost-black looooog brown hair. Dark dark deep brown eyes. Tan complexion (asian ethnicity). Oh yes... I'm short (5'2)
Thats all for now!